Who We Are

Jadyn Newman

Eboard, SPA/SOC, 2023, Jadyn is just really confused most of the time. She works as a full-time overreacter. Notable personality traits include: drinking all but the last 3 sips of every iced coffee, falling asleep in any position at any time of day, and talking about being from Chicago (like actually NEVER shutting up about Chicago). Jadyn can usually be found in the 3rd floor SOC women’s bathroom crying about any minor inconvenience.

Hannah Callan

Eboard, SIS, 2023 Hannah is studying SIS, like everyone else at this school. She recently escaped the woods of Washington, to which she must return to at the end of the year or she will become a tree herself. This kind of bums her out cause it’s pretty hard to do improv or rock climb as a tree.

Logan Forbis

Social Media, SOC, 2023 Logan is from Greensboro, North Carolina and is majoring in the dying art of journalism. Being raised by a third-generation mortician, Logan grew up on hide and seek in the casket room and religiously watching the Addams Family, often comparing her own uncle to uncle Fester. In her free time, she enjoys running, bullet journaling, and looking at pictures of pugs.

Jason Shrago

Eboard, SPA, 2023